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"Wannabe" reviewed by American Blues Scene!

Wow, what a great review!  The amazing folks at American Blues scene reviewed "Wannabe" and also conducted an incredible interview with her!  It's a great read, pleas check it out HERE!!!

Oria releases new single - "Wannabe"

Finally!  "Wannabe" - Oria's first new release since Yellow Paint - has been released!

Distibuted by DistroKid, it is a song about youthful challenges, mental illness, wanting to fit in - something that resonates with us all.  It is available at all of your favorite download spots:  Apple Music; Amazon, Deezer and Spotify.  Please check it out, it's a keeper! 

Oria to release new single - "Wannabe"

"Wannabe," Oria's first new release since Yellow Paint , is on track to be released sometime in 2020.  "Wannabe," written and performed by Oria, is a song of longing for something you don't have and ultimately finding happiness within yourself.  Oria's emotional vocal makes the song all the more powerful.  Keep checking back for updates, release dates and more!

Oria performs at The Stone Pony

It was a great night of music on December 20th as Richie "LaBamba" Rosenberg presented "LaBamba's Holiday Hurrah" on the legendary Stone Pony stage.  Oria performed a duet with Glenn Alexander, singing their take on Graham Parker's "Soul Christmas."  Playing to a sold-out crowd at the Stone Pony is always special, but sharing the stage with all of the great musicians - including Southside Johnny and a band of some 15 horns (!) - during the holiday season really took it to a new level!


Pig Gig V raises $15,000 for charity!

Pig Gig V was held on November 10th in Scotch Plains, New Jersey and was a huge success!  The benefit raised more than $15,000 for the Fibromelallar Cancer Foundation in honor of Jay Alexander, Oria's late cousin.  Jay lost his battle to this horrible disease in 2011 at the age of 20.  Since then, the Alexander family has held fund-raising pig roasts to raise money for research to wipe out this rare cancer.  Earlier this year, Pig Gig Arkansas was held in Jay's hometown of Rogers, Arkansas and was also a great success.  At this year's Pig Gig V, Oria performed with Glenn Alexander & Shadowland and other great artists - Chris Koch, The Lonesome Pines, Adam Ezra and special guest the legendary Southside Johnny - during this fun day of food, music and more food!  Next up:  Pig Gig Arkansas 2 in May 2020 - stay tuned for more info soon!'

Shadowland plays Worsell Manor

Glenn Alexander & Shadowland made their third annual appearance at the wonderful barn at Worsell Manor in September.  Oria and the band played to a sold-out house and material from the new Shadowland album got rave reviews from the crowd - including Oria's show-stopping vocal performance of "I Had To Go Thru Hell To Get To Heaven."  The band loves this spot in rural Maryland and looks forward to getting back next year.

Shadowland performs at The Stone Pony

It was a great night of music on the indoor stage at the legendary Stone Pony in early September when Glenn Alexander & Shadowland opened for the great Jake Clemons Band.  It was a packed house and the knowledgable Stone Pony audience cheered on Shadowland, which spotlighted Oria's vocals.

Shadowland to perform at Westfield Jazz Fest

Oria will be perfoming with Glenn Alexander & Shadowland at the annual Westfield Jazz Festival on Tuesday, July 30th.  This is a free, outdoor event and starts promptly at 7pm.  Last year's show was rained-out, so Oria and the band are hoping for clear skies this time around!

Pig Gig Arkansas - an update!

Pig Gig Arkansas was a great success, raising more than $20,000 for the Fibromelallar Cancer Foundation in honor of Jay Alexander, Oria's late cousin.  Jay succumbed to this horrible disease in 2011 at the age of 20.  Since then, the Alexander family has held fund-raising pig roasts to raise money for research to wipe out this rare cancer.  Up until this point, all of the Pig Gigs have been held in New Jersey, but this was the first held in Jay's hometown of Rogers, Arkansas - and Glenn Alexander & Shadowland made the trip!  It was a picture-perfect spring day and the turnout was amazing!  The band is already looking forward to getting back next year, but first: Pig Gig New Jersey!  Details to come soon...

Glenn & Oria played great gigs at two great venues

Glenn and Oria - joined by good friend and bassist extraordinaire Chris Plunkett - had two wonderful shows in May at two of their favorite venues:  Barnacle Bill's in Rumson, New Jersey and Salt Creek Grille in Princeton, New Jersey.  The crowds and the vibes may be different at these two spots, but they are both wonderful live music rooms.  Keep watching this page for more info on more shows at these spots!

"Oria has a strong and powerful voice..."

Those are the words of Adolf Goriup in the German magazine/website Folk World.  He was reviewing Yellow Paint, Oria's debut: "...Oria has taken the charts by storm on a debut album.”  He went on to say “Oria has a strong and powerful voice, “ and notes “a blower arrangement makes "Get Back" a rousing soulful and funky song,” and notes that cut is “my favorite.”

Southside Johnny reviews Yellow Paint

"A wonderful voice with a great outlook on life and songs to match. Rich, strong production. Treat yourself to some happiness."
Southside Johnny - New Jersey soul and rock legend

Timmy Cappello reviews Yellow Paint

"It's awesome! She's got a great voice and writes excellent tunes. I especially love her ballads - I'm a sucker for a good ballad (great steel string sounds all through the record, by the way, big, fat and present). The duet with (Southside) Johnny is  just beautiful. It is really nice stuff, she's got a great future with it."

Timmy Cappello - Saxophonist for Tina Turner (1984 -1999)

He has also played with Billy Crystal, Robert Kraft & Ivory Coast, The Flirts, Carly Simon, Eric Carmen, Peter Gabriel, Karen Carpenter and Ringo Starr.  He has also appeared as an actor in: Miami Vice, The Equalizer, Hearts of Fire, Tap, What's Love Got to Do With It , The Lost Boys. 

Brenda Russell reviews Yellow Paint

"I think “Be My Rock Star” is a hit record!  Her vocals are so strong and I love her lyrics. So honest. I think she could do very well out there, always thought that. She is very talented and actually can sing which is hard to find in some of the young singers today. She has strength. The packaging is awesome, loved the photos inside CD cover as well.  Nobody prints lyrics anymore so nice to see that. Beautifully done. I wish Oria the very best with getting this music heard as it should be and tell her I said to keep writing those lyrics from the heart. People really appreciate the truth in the lyric and she does that extremely well."
 Brenda Russell - Singer-songwriter
Wrote Music for The Color Purple - hits include: “Get Here,” “Piano In The Dark, “If Only For One Night” and “She Walks This Earth”

Mark Pender reviews Yellow Paint

"I've just finished listening to the first solo CD Yellow Paint by the artist Oria Aspen and all I can say is WOW! There is so much going on with this young lady. First of all her singing ranges from the playful "Get Back" to the pop anthems of "Be My Rock Star" and "Yellow Paint." But when I think that's it , she hits me with the vulnerable "Mental" and "Scars" that are sung with the intensity and fragile sense that make the lyrics go straight to my emotions in her song writing she says things that we all feel, from places we've all been but somehow can't say. Another of my faves is "What a Wonderful World" which after hearing Louis do it so many years ago couldn't imagine it done over, until now.  Her phrasing is unique and the paring with Southside Johnny makes it a memorable track. There's a lot in store for this young lady and if this is a start, hold on for what comes next."
 Mark Pender - World-renowned trumpeter/vocalist/entertainer
Longtime member of Basic Cable Band (Conan O’Brien)

Rusty Russell reviews Yellow Paint

"Everything about the CD - the production, the performances, the package - everything, is just amazing.  Oria did an incredible job on all of it. And I DO know what a heavy lift it is to get a good project together and out into the world.  In the quicksand-like reality of the current music world, where everyone puts together their own CD or project, it's common to see and hear things that look and sound like they were built at the kitchen table. Yellow Paint is top-shelf in every respect, proof that hard work and rare talent can still result in real art on a little plastic disk."

Rusty Russell - Nashville

Chester Biscardi reviews Yellow Paint

"I just wanted you to know that I finally got a chance to spin Yellow Paint and it made me feel very happy.  It's ecstatic, thoughtful music that makes you feel alive in a world that has otherwise become mad.  Great, sweet and funky arrangements and loving ballads.  All new songs by Oria and one traditional tune that features Southside Johnny in duet and on the harmonica.  Touching, really.  What a wonderful world... And the last track, "Last Song" (before the bonus material) is almost an anthem to making it in the world and finding oneself in the gift of music.  An impressive debut album for Oria as not only the prime vocalist but as author of all the new songs. Congratulations!

Chester Biscardi, - World-renowned composer and Director of the Music Program Sarah Lawrence College

Richie "LaBamba" Rosenberg on Yellow Paint

"Like pure maple syrup, Oria serves up a refreshing balanced musical menu of pure sweetness and originality."
Richie "LaBamba" Rosenberg - World-renowned trombonist/vocalist/entertainer

Longtime member of Basic Cable Band (Conan O’Brien)


Van Romaine on Oria

"Oria's performances to me are a direct connection of the kind person she is - her emotion effortlessly comes out in her music and in such a mature way. I'm honored to be included in her music on any level and look forward to seeing where she takes it."
Van Romaine - Drummer and Programming & Music Director – Enrique Iglesias

Mary Fahl reviews Yellow Paint

"At a mere 17 years old, Oria Aspen is a versatile and incredibly focused artist, way beyond her years and well worth watching.  Her latest release, Yellow Paint is masterfully produced and engineered and proves she's a gifted singer-songwriter for whom a bright future beckons.

Mary Fahl - Singer/songwriter The October Project

Bobby Bandiera on Oria

"Oria,,,'the real deal',,,listen and hear for yourself. Good Luck !" 
Bobby Bandiera - Guitarist/Vocalist  and former Bon Jovi rhythm guitarist

Review: Oria Live at the Gramercy Theater in New York City

"Oria was energetic and exuberant and held the stage every moment she was on it. Two variations of the same thought kept alternating in my head throughout her set; one, “she’s only seventeen???” and the other, “she’s seventeen!!!” - and both were in the best sense. On the one hand, she’s poised and confident with the easy command and control of someone a good bit older while at the same time her spirit and sass and contagious enthusiasm were there throughout, bed-rocking every song. Her pitch was spot-on; her phrasing, dynamics and control natural and effortless. “Be My Rock Star” and “Get Back” were infectious grabbers and “Yellow Paint”, following her brief spoken introduction, just levitated. Felt like the whole stage was heading for the ceiling. Funny thing was, when I got the first promo notice about her CD a few months back, I remember being somewhat puzzled by the title, Yellow Paint, and wondered how that worked in a song. Tonight, after hearing the song, I get it!. With the crowd in front of me pogo-ing like a deranged aerobics class, it was like the mothership was lifting off! Big fun and good for the soul besides! Hope to catch you guys again.”

Fredrick Winston - Director, Guitar Study Center/New School Music
New School University

"Get Back" on the radio!

Yellow Paint received significant radio airplay in Europe! Check out the latest playlist from the influential Planete Indie in Belgium. “Get Back,” Oria’s sassy, playful and funky revenge tune has been prominently featured on Planete Indie, the leading independent European radio show. Here's the latest playlist. 


Planete Indie Playlist - Belgium

Magic Sound Fabric - Heaven's Coming Down
Crystal Castles - Affection
Visage - Dreamer I Know (Radio Edit)
Jennings - Do Or Die
Savage Peace - The Prince
Floatstone – The Apple And The Tree *
Mindil Beach Markets - Brand New Mind
Andy Palmer - Heart Of Colfax
Rick Shaffer - Time Or Love
Atlast - True Colors
Floatstone – Happy To Be Me
Jenai Huff - Just Like Me
Deborah Holland - California

Oria Aspen - Get Back
Oc - Dark & Light (original version)
Floatstone – Shoes
Noel Black & XRA - Riot
Adia & The 7 Eyes - Stone Free
Lars Nelson & Cargo Cult - Can't Change Me
Something Rhino - Trees

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